There are a great many choices in getting around in San Francisco. You will find listed below the main sources of transportation for San Francisco and when best to use them.

Mode of Transportation

BART (Underground)


Shuttles (To the airport)

Caltrain (Train)

Muni (Street Cars & Buses)

City Pass, Bikes, Maps

BART BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT - Underground Transportation

BART Oakland Airport

BART Find Station, Directions

Cable Car

The San Francisco Cable Car is one of San Francisco's defining attractions. Steeped in wonderful history, the San Francisco Cable Car is still a treat to ride and an excellent way to experience the City of San Francisco. Street Car, Cable Car, what's the difference?

How to Ride Cable Cars

You can purchase your ticket on the cable car or here is a list of places you can purchase your ticket/s ahead of time.

Cable Car Turn-Around in Union Square

Fares for the Cable car are: Adult & Youth (ages 5-17) $6.00 each way. $3 for seniors or those with disabilities.

1-Day Visitor Passport - $14
3-Day Visitor Passport - $22
7-Day Visitor Passport - $28


Caltrain can take to and from the Peninsula and San Francisco and all the way to Gilroy. There is all the information you will need on the following web site for Caltrain.


There are 3 ferry systems that are used for transportation as well as site seeing and there are two specifically for site seeing. The Golden Gate, Blue & Gold and Baylink ferries offer commuters and others transportation between Sausalito, Larkspur, Tiburon, Alameda, Oakland or Vallejo and San Francisco. They also have other site seeing cruises as well. The Blue & Gold fleet even has a trip to Alcatraz. The Angel Island/Tiburon Ferry is a ferry taking you to Angel Island and back. The Red & White Fleet is primarily a cruise or site seeing line. Click on the links below and explore all the wonderful sea-going opportunities.

Muni STREETCARS, BUSES in San Fransisco

Muni includes buses, light rail and street cars. Technically the Cable Cars are part of Muni, but operate much differently. Thus we have put Cable Cars in their own section.

A single ride fare on Muni is good for 90 minutes of travel, whether it be on a single route or a trip with multiple transfers across buses and light rail. For more information on how exactly it works...

Fares for the Cable car are: Adult & Youth (ages 5-17) $6.00 each way. $3 for seniors or those with disabilities.

Adult Fare - $2
Youth (ages 5-17), Seniors, Disabled - $0.75

1-Day Visitor Passport - $14
3-Day Visitor Passport - $22
7-Day Visitor Passport - $28

Airport Transportation

Airporters, Shared Ride Vans and pre-arranged Vans - Many of these can be reserved Online and some you can just hop on at the airport. Some of them are door to door and some of them take you to a general area.

Advanced Airporter (415) 504-6411
Airport Express (415) 775-5121
American Airporter Shuttle (415) 202-0733 (800) 282-7758
BayPorter Express (415) 467-1800 (877) 467-1800
East Bay Connection (925) 945-0268 (800) 675-3278
Go Lorrie's Airport Shuttle (415) 334-9000
Marin Airporter (415) 461-4222
Marin Door to Door (415) 457-2717 (800) 540-4815
Quake City Shuttle (415) 255-4899
San Francisco City Shuttle (415) 822-2648 (650) 344-3342
Super Shuttle (415) 558-8500


San Francisco has a robust taxi system and if you are vising San Francisco and staying at a hotel, it is best to not rent a car and rely on taxis, Muni, cable car or BART. Most hotels in San Francisco charge around $75 a night to park your car and give you in and out ability.

Catching a cab at certain hours of the day or in less trafficked areas of The City can be challenging. However, with all the new smart-phone apps and a few tips - getting around The City without a car is the most efficient, inexpensive and convenient choice.

Catching a cab in a highly trafficked part of The City can be as easy as just hailing one from the street. In very busy times or where cabs are not so prevalent on the street, taxi stands, where you can line up and taxis also line up is your best bet. Most hotels in the main areas of San Francisco have a doorman who can hail you a cab. It is customary to tip the doorman. You don't have to be a patron of the hotel.

Rates, Safety Tips & Where to Find a Cab in San Francisco

Taxi Companies - Website & Phone

Arrow Checker Cab (415) 648-3181
American Taxicab (415)-552-3181
DeSoto Cab  (415) 970-1300
Luxor Cab  (415) 282-4141
Royal Taxi (415) 920-0700
Town Taxi (415) 920-0700
Yellow Cab Co. (415) 333-3333


City Pass, Bikes & Maps

City Pass

Muni & Cable Car 7 Day Passport + Attractions

CityPass Includes

California Academy of Sciences

Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise

Aquarium of the Bay or Monterey Bay Aquarium

Exploratorium or De Young Museum

7 Days FREE RIDES on Muni & Cable Cars


How to Get Around on Bikes

Bike Lanes in San Francisco

How to Use Muni with your Bike

How to Park your Bike

Bike Lockers



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